Dr. Martin’s Book

The Ultimate Guide To Braces”
– By Dr. Bill Martin

A Parent’s Guide To The New Orthodontics

The Ultimate Guide to Braces: A Parent’s Guide to the New Orthodontics will teach you all you need to know about the inner workings and recommendations of an orthodontist, including:

  • Signs you or your child need to see an orthodontist
  • How New Orthodontics can not only impact your child’s social life, but overall health
  • What you can expect from an initial consultation and exam
  • The best treatment options for your child’s problems

There is nothing more joyful than a child’s smile—learn what you can do to help yours obtain a great smile they can carry forever!

Enjoy This Sample from Dr. Martin’s Book…

Airway Orthodontics & Your Child’s Peak Performance

Airway orthodontics, as the name suggests, is about breathing. You need oxygen to survive, which is why your body makes breathing its number-one priority—even more important than hunger or thirst. However, the way your body receives oxygen can be surprisingly complicated.

To help you understand airway orthodontics, I want you to think of a light switch. When the switch is on, the light turns on. When the switch is off, the light turns off. Most people think of breathing the same way. Either you have oxygen, or you don’t. The reality, however, is much more complex.

The truth is, breathing works more like a dimmer switch. When the dimmer switch is at full brightness, you have full light. But a dimmer switch can also be partially turned down, so the light may only be a glimmer. Oxygen works the same way. Your body may only get a trickle of oxygen at times. It’s enough to keep you alive, but it’s not the full amount needed for optimal health.


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